Why Choose Us?

Our team’s main focus is to provide a superior customer service experience for all of our clients.

  • Through extensive recruiting practices and a comprehensive companywide training regimen, we are sure to hire only the most qualified and professional workers.
  • Our investment in our employees translates to higher satisfaction for both the workers and our customers. This has led to a long-term, satiated client base that continues to grow.

We are also committed to using the highest quality materials available. We know that skimping at the forefront of the project can lead to higher costs and lower customer approval in the later stages, so we plan ahead in order to offer a superior product. Our close relationships with our suppliers allow us to analyze and evaluate every component we purchase. This results in more consistency and quality assurance for all of our clients, no matter what industry they may be in.


Building Green

The environment is important to all of us. Without a healthy, stable ecosystem, we would not have access to the materials and resources that are integral to the construction of our trusses. That’s why we are committed to the environmentally responsible practices of green building.  We prioritize resource efficiency and waste minimization so that we leave our surrounding environment as healthy as possible while maximizing your structure’s performance.

Because we strive to expand the effectiveness of our materials, you will see a reduction in cost for both supplies and jobsite cleanup. Our contractors, architects, and engineers work closely with our clients and each other throughout the life cycle of your truss. This starts with the planning and design phase, where they scrutinize numbers and amounts heavily to set the stage for the rest of the project. These meticulous practices are then utilized throughout the construction, operations, maintenance, renovation, and demolition phases of your truss.

Green building is important for our clients as it helps to create structures that maximize your use of energy, water, and other finite resources. Over the course of life cycle of your truss, this will save you money on labor, maintenance, and materials. You can also rest easy knowing that you’ve contributed to a strong and sustainable ecosystem.