Our Products

Roof Trusses

Whether you are looking for a basic, economic truss simply for roof support or an intricate, specialty-truss to beautify your roof lines and vaulted ceilings, we can accommodate your needs. Our roof trusses are lightweight but sturdy, offering an unobtrusive and simple way to reinforce your rooftop.

Floor Trusses

Our floor trusses are custom-designed and easy to install. With our simple open design, wiring, plumbing, and ductwork can be effortlessly placed and mounted. Our top-tier engineering professionals spend the time to make sure that trimming won’t be necessary and that expensive on-site errors will be minimized. With a large variety of floor truss designs available, you can choose what best fits your needs and enjoy confidence in the strength and reliability of your truss.

Components and Rough Openings

If you are looking to save money on custom site-built components, we offer a selection of pre-assembled window and door openings. You will be sure to find a perfectly matched component in our comprehensive catalogue.  With our diverse selection of pre-made components, you will be sure to find the right piece without paying custom prices.